Who Are You Looking At

The question might better be posed this way; ‘What do you think you’re looking at’? This is a series of self portraits, made in New York City.

Duke’s Cookies

In this series of photographs, I set out to document the funeral of a great Jamaican Sound System Pioneer.

It Is No Secret What God Can Do

It is widely believed, among creationists, that God spent seven days putting this wonderful world together.

Punch On

Lots of Photographs of the front ends of huge trucks motoring along on US highways. These trucks are moving fast, and the photographs were made from the window of a moving car.

Quick Shit Photographs

Dog shit, the polite term for which is dog mess, or doggy do, can be found everywhere these days, surprisingly!

Think What You Want

A series of photographs from Wimbledon Car Boot Sale.

It’s A Wonderfull Place Cuba

“The hot blazing sun won’t hurt my head, ’cause you’ll always find me right there in the shade” That’s a line from the song Bad Boy by The Jive Bombers.


All of these pictures were taken during a month that I spent in Hospital following a road accident. I used my camera to keep myself amused and to stay focused on what i was going through.

The Narrow Way

The Narrow Way is a small road beside Hackney Central train station and The Tesco supermarket which forms the epicentre of Hackney shopping.

School Fete

This series of Photographs really does what it says on the tin. I visited a School fete sometime one summer.

Night Pictures

These are night pictures – photographs taken in and around Michigan on a winter’s night. Starting at dusk and progressing into the night until it is almost too dark to see.

Not Too Little – Not Too Much

I lost something inside my Hoover – or rather something suddenly rattled up the hoover pipe while i was cleaning the floor and i wondered what it might be – a lost earring or a key perhaps.

Over Look

A series of Photographs of visitors and exhibits at The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland Ohio.

Less of the old – More of the new

The world changes fast and people get old fast too. I stopped one day at a jumble sale and whilst looking around and enjoying the ambiance of the event my gaze fell upon…

You’ll Never See All Of It

A walk along the front of the port of St Tropez on the French Riviera. The Yachts alone will give you an idea of the wealth that this town attracts.

Record Show

This series of photographs  were made at a record convention in the Detroit Metro area. Once upon a time the whole world revolved to the sounds that emanated from the grooves of vinyl records

Roy Boy’s Transmissions

Dotted across America there still exist many places like this – automotive graveyards. This one is somewhere in Michigan and its called Roy Boys Transmissions.

Ocular Reflex

Ocular reflex is a complicated business, and it’s hard to understand how it works, but it is very interesting, if you can manage it.

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