Not Too Little – Not Too Much

I lost something inside my Hoover – or rather something suddenly rattled up the Hoover pipe while i was cleaning the floor, and i wondered what it might be – a lost earring or a key perhaps. So i decided to empty some of the hoover bag onto the wooden floor (as shown on the cover of the book ) .Whilst the contents of the Hoover bag were on the floor I decided to make this series of images. Just in case i never see the contents of my hoover again. I could vaguely recognise most of the little bits and pieces engulfed in dust and fluff and hair, but one crumpled piece of paper caught my eye – so i picked it out and unravelled it, and to my surprise was presented with the title of the book ( see cover ). I have no idea where this small message originated from or why it was inside my Hoover. A message from the gods maybe !?



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