Record Show

This series of photographs were made at a record convention in the Detroit Metro area. Once upon a time the whole world revolved to the sounds that emanated from the grooves of vinyl records. Nowadays computer technology has changed all that and music can be accessed at the press of a button, so records have become memories or collectors trophies, although some new vinyl is still made today. This however is nothing compared to the billions that were produced since 1950’s. At record conventions today, mostly old men ( and a few bored wives ) get together and buy and sell the records that still exist from the golden ages of 20th Century music. A handfull of younger people, who appreciate how great records sound, are into it as well. Hunting and gathering in its truest form, these crate diggers are keen to find out what treasures other collectors have unearthed, and to share their own finds too. Although most old vinyl is probably sold through the internet now – there are still a few gems to be had at these conventions, if you look hard or dig deep enough.



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