Duke’s Cookies

In this series of photographs, I set out to document the funeral of a great Jamaican Sound System Pioneer. He was my Friend, Vincent George Forbes (25 October 1928 – 3 November 2012), better known as Duke Vin the ‘Tickler’. These Photographic portraits of the mourners and friends, who came to pay tribute to a great man, are unique. Many of the guests, themselves veterans of the Music Business, helped create Sound System culture. Men who have played American Rhythm and Blues and authentic Jamaican music to the growing generations of youth in England since the 1960’s. Giving birth essentially to the Sound System culture that we know today, in all of its myriad forms. Once upon a time there was a tendency, among DJ competitors to disguise or obscure they’re records true identities, in order to retain exclusivity at the dance. This inspired many record consumers to customise their own records, adding a touch of individuality or personalising them. I have added samples of the types of customised records, synonymous with Jamaican Sound Men to my book. 




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